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Jun 23

Beyond Beauty! 101 Healthy Hair-Care Tips

Posted by Randley Morales on Monday, June 23, 2014


Hi, I’m Charly, the owner of Total Image Hair Studio in Tarzana, California. Welcome to my Blog page!  Here you will discover my valuable tips and healthy haircare advice shared with my clients at my private studio. I’ve been fortunate enough to gain a wealth of knowledge being in the professional hair care industry for over 10 years. I’ve had the opportunity to style for Hollywood stars, thousands of clients, and train others to follow my techniques. My experience has given me expert knowledge in my field. I’m willing to share my advice on image consulting, tips on hair care, styling secrets, and much more. I hope following my blog will help you achieve your "Total Image" transformation!

Prepping (Weft) Hair | How to prep weaving (weft) hair before installing your extensions

My experience with installing weaves and extensions has taught me a great deal about weft hair. Some of the weft hair sold out here is pure junk! Now I’ve come across some bad bundles my clients have paid $300+ dollars for. Some of the hair I’ve seen had issues with uncontrollable shedding, strong and pungent odors, and sensitivity to heat. One client’s hair started melting after I began flat ironing it. I’ve seen it all! So many people never know the quality or condition of the hair they’ve purchase until they’re in my chair ready to get it installed.  That's when I have to tell them the ugly truth. I always recommend both examining and prepping the hair before using it for a weave. Prepping weft hair involves cleansing, disinfecting, and conditioning. By prepping the hair you remove bacteria and germs while also treating the hair before installation.

Examine Hair Before Prepping|Before prepping weft hair perform a QUALITY CHECK to examine the quality and condition of the hair

To check for hair quality first untie it and loosen each bundle. Check the hair for thinning hair and severe split ends. The weight of the hair should be even from the weft the (root) all the way down to the ends or tips. Hair should look as full at the weft (root) as it looks at the ends. If the hair is thinning and splitting at the ends it’s a bad grade of hair. REMEMBER: GOOD WEFT HAIR has an equal amount of fullness or thickness evenly distributed from the weft at the (root) all the way down to the ends or tips. 

Next, apply some HEAT for a heat resistance test. If the weft cannot take heat it is not 100% human hair. If when you add heat with an iron the hair starts giving off some chemicals or rotten odor it has not been disinfected or cleaned properly. Unclean hair may have bacteria or germs this is especially common with foreign hair. PLEASE BE CAREFUL, after adding heat if hair melts or fries the hair is cheap with synthetic strands!

Lastly, comb through the hair and run your fingers through sections of the bundles to check for shedding. If your weft hair has passed your examination, you are ready to proceed to the next step, which is prepping the hair.

Prepping Hair | Cleansing, Disinfecting, & Conditioning Weft Hair

Begin by cleansing the weft hair with Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner. It moisturizes, repairs and conditions. Detangle weft hair immediately after shampooing to prevent matting of hair. Use a detangling brush by “Tangle Tezzer”. You may detangle the weft hair by combing out completely on a flat surface. After detangling the hair you’re ready to rinse.

Rinsing Hair | Disinfect and Soften Weft Hair with Vinegar Rinse

I recommend using a “vinegar rinse” after shampooing. The vinegar adds shine back to the hair, disinfects and removes any left over debris while softening.

Preparing your vinegar rinse: Here’s what you’ll need (1) extra large food serving bowl, (4) cups of cool “distilled water” and (2) ounces of “white vinegar” and that’s all! Now begin by pouring cool water into the large serving bowl. Next, add your (2) ounces of vinegar, stirring with a spatula. Next, use a rubber band to tie loosed weft hair into small bundles. Then, add the bundles of hair to the bowl of water and vinegar and let soak for 5 minutes.

After soaking hair, you’ll towel dry by squeezing out the excess water. Next, lay hair out on a flat surface with a towel underneath to air dry for 5 hours. Now, your weft hair is ready to be installed after drying. It should smell fresh and clean, look shiny, and feel silky soft to touch! I hope enjoy following my blog page please check back weekly for more tips and updates!